Data Security & Destruction

At APTC Lifecycles we understand the security risks, and every moving piece associated with IT disposals.

Privacy risks are increasing every day. Ensure your sensitive data is handled by experts.

Data security and risk is  constantly evolving.  APTC Lifecycles will help your organization identify the risks and will outline a plan for safe and secure removal and destruction of private or sensitive data from IT assets and hardware that is at end-of-life.

Our data security services will not only provide you the peace-of-mind of knowing your business trade secrets and databases are never compromised, we can also help you automate secure disposal with our 10 point best practices strategy.

Certified Operations Include:

All of our data sanitisation and data destruction solutions can be undertaken on your premises, or at our secure facility.

Our solutions include:

  • Certified Blancco Erasure
  • NSA, NAID and PSPF Approved Disintegrator
  • NSA, NAID and PSPF Approved Degausser


When you work with APTC Lifecycles, your data is handled by staff that are security cleared, transported in tracked vehicles and processed in secure facilities with 24/7 monitoring.


Onsite/Local Data Sanitization, GPS tracked vehicles, security cleared staff, asset testing & resale - ISO certified.


Determine the value of your IT assets and maximize your budget by refurbishing and reselling your equipment globally.

Remote Sanitization

Our remote sanitization teams ensure every device's data is fully erased to Canadian Info-Security standards prior to being removed from your location.

e-Waste Recycling

We'll recover the maximum amount of resources from all disposed assets ensuring eco-compliance and social impact.

Hardware Services & supply

We are a leading provider of new hardware assets and can manage your IT assets along the full supply chain.

Global responsibility

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Data Security

Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

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The Importance of Data Protection & Security

APTC Lifecycles securely disposes of your data and IT assets, ensuring you are  compliant with Canadian standards as well as environmentally friendly and socially responsible.